The Merchant Home delivers thoughtful, effective solutions for product brands and inventive retailers.

We turn bright ideas into physical products, direct inspiring consumer experiences, curate and buy for brand launches, scout for the newest and best, and collaborate with a worldwide network to bring new products to life.


Shop Launch Assortments

Product Line Development

Assortment Architecture Planning

Merchandise Productivity Analysis

Brand Strategy Roadmapping


SOURCINg and design 

Scouting Reports

Trade Show Coverage


Product Development

Product Design

creative services

Color + Concept Development

Creative Direction

Art Direction


Photoshoot Production

Introducing The Merchant Home Shop.


We believe in goods crafted with a touch of the hand, surrounded by an air of discovery (and maybe even a little magic).  The things that bring a moment of joy to the everyday and create a reason for thoughtful pause. Pieces destined to become tried-and-true favorites.  Unearthing these products is our specialty, and for the first time, we've gathered them here for you.


The Studio 

At the foundation of The Merchant Home is our merchandising studio, a physical-meets-online space where we work with our client partners nationwide to bring inventive, inspiring consumer experiences to life. 

Learn about who we are, what we do, and who we work with- we'd love to have your brand as a part of our growing story.

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